bespoke cushion fillings

Bespoke Cushion Fillings

We Offer 3 Different Cushion Pad Fillings
  1. UK duck feather pad cased in a fire retardant fabric. For a premium relaxed look and feel to the cushion.
  2. Fibre pad made from 100% polyester fibre filling with a Corovin casing.
  3. Eco pad – This pad has rapidly become our best-selling pad. Filled with Quallofil® Blue which is a new polyester fibre for sustainable cushions. The filling fibre is made using 50% recycled plastic from Plastic Bank, globally recognised as one of the leading solutions to stop ocean plastic, whilst helping people living in poverty to build a better future. The pad is exceptionally comfortable, keeps its shape and is environmentally friendly.

Our most popular sizes are 45 x 45cm, 50 x 40cm, 60 x 60cm. However we can supply pads made to a custom size.

How it Works

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